Zheng Herbal Tea

Zheng Herbal Tea at Plaza Singapura can be your cup of sunshine. They’re not just your average tea shop – herbal alchemists brewing delicious wellness in every cup. Think fresh, daily-brewed concoctions made with natural goodies like ginseng, chrysanthemum, and aloe vera.
Imagine sipping soothing teas that calm your tummy, boost your energy, or clear your sinuses. They’ve got something for every wellness wish! Plus, there’s no fancy stuff – just comfy vibes, friendly faces, and a genuine desire to help you feel your best.
So ditch the sugary drinks and embrace the Zheng Herbal Tea glow. With a diverse menu and a focus on fresh, natural ingredients, they’re your one-stop shop for delicious, feel-good sips.


+65 6338 7986