Skechers, that brand with the colorful shoes you see everywhere at Singapore Plaza, is more than just trendy kicks. They’re like comfy, supportive pals for your feet, always ready to take you on adventures, big or small. Imagine soft and light shoes, like walking on clouds, but with all the grip you need to conquer any sidewalk or playground. Skechers come in many styles, from sporty sneakers that make running a breeze to sleek slip-ons that are perfect for a casual day out at Singapore Plaza. Plus, they’re built to last so you can count on them for miles and miles of happy feet. But Skechers aren’t just about your soles. They’re about feeling good, looking good, and having fun, wherever you wander in Singapore and beyond.


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Wacoal – Singapore

Wacoal – Singapore

Wacoal's core offering lies in its extensive collection of bras, meticulously crafted to flatter every body type and provide the perfect fit. From everyday...