Nestled within the bustling Plaza Singapura, SEORAE is a haven for Korean barbecue enthusiasts, offering an authentic and delectable dining experience. The warm, inviting atmosphere, adorned with traditional elements, sets the stage for a culinary adventure. As you settle in, friendly staff guide you through the menu, brimming with many options to tantalize your taste buds. The show’s star is undoubtedly the galmaegisal, a premium pork skirt meat cut marinated to perfection in a secret blend of Korean spices. Sizzle it up yourself on charcoal grills, savoring the smoky aroma and juicy texture with each bite. But the culinary journey continues beyond there. SEORAE boasts an extensive menu featuring an array of banchan (side dishes), from the classic kimchi to the more adventurous gyeranjjim (steamed eggs): Bibimbap, stews, and seafood options round out the selection, ensuring something to satisfy every palate. 


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