Paris Miki

Optique Paris Miki

Paris Miki is thrilled to bring you an exclusive opportunity to win a prized possession – a Bruno Fernandes-signed Manchester United jersey. Located in the heart of Singapore at Singapura Plaza, this exciting event combines sports passion with fashionable eyewear, creating a winning combination for fans and fashionistas alike.

Take advantage of this golden opportunity to blend your love for football with a touch of style! Visit Paris Miki at Plaza Singapura, explore their exquisite eyewear collection, and enter the contest to win a Bruno Fernandes signed Manchester United jersey. It’s a winning combination that offers an unforgettable experience for fans and fashion-forward individuals. Score big with Paris Miki and make Plaza Singapura the ultimate destination for football and fashion enthusiasts!

Store Info:


+65 6338 9966


#03-22, Singapore 238839


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