K.STAR isn’t just your average karaoke bar; it’s a whole intergalactic party waiting to blast you off. Located in Plaza Singapura, this place has 22 themed rooms, each with its unique vibe, from psychedelic space adventures to sparkling disco balls. Forget boring booths; these rooms are decked out to get you groovin’, with comfy sofas, mood lighting, and even life-size astronauts. But it’s not just about the fancy digs. K.STAR lets you belt out your favourite tunes on a massive song library, from chart-topping hits to hidden gems. They have food and drinks to keep your energy high and even party packages if you feel extra festive. K.STAR is your one-stop shop for a night of laughter, singing, and making memories that’ll shine brighter than a disco ball. So grab your crew, pick your theme, and get ready to rock the Plaza Singapura galaxy.

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+65 6266 4688

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