• Located in the heart of Plaza Singapura, FUN CLAW is an exciting concept that brings the classic claw machine experience to a whole new level! Imagine a space filled with tons of adorable plushies, figurines, and other fabulous prizes, just waiting to be snatched by your skillful maneuvers.
  • Here are some highlights of what FUN CLAW has to offer:

    • A wide variety of prizes: From cute plushies and trendy figurines to fun gadgets and even exclusive collectibles, there’s something for everyone at FUN CLAW.
    • Automated machines: No need for complex controls or confusing instructions. Insert your tokens, choose your prize, and let the claw do its magic!
    • Affordable prices: Fun Claw offers excellent value for your money, with prices starting from just $2 per play.
    • Family-friendly environment: With its bright and cheerful atmosphere, FUN CLAW is the perfect place for a fun family outing or a casual hangout with friends.


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