Estetica’s Meridian Detox Body Treatment at Plaza Singapura is a rejuvenating wellness experience that combines ancient Eastern wisdom with modern spa techniques to promote holistic well-being. This unique treatment focuses on stimulating the body’s meridian points, which are believed to be energy pathways that correspond to various organs and systems. The Meridian Detox Body Treatment aims to enhance circulation, release tension, and encourage the body’s natural detoxification process. Through a skillful blend of therapeutic massage, essential oils, and specialized techniques, Estetica’s expert therapists work to restore balance and vitality. Clients can expect to enjoy a profound sense of relaxation while targeting areas of stress and fatigue. With a commitment to overall wellness, Estetica’s Meridian Detox Body Treatment provides a harmonious fusion of traditional healing practices and contemporary spa luxury, ensuring a transformative and profoundly rejuvenating experience for each individual.

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Plaza Singapura , 06-19

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