DIOR is a feeling. It’s the exquisite craftsmanship of a couture gown, the touch of silk against your skin, and the heady scent of a rose garden captured in a perfume bottle. From the iconic “Bar Jacket” with its nipped waist and elegant lines to the playful “Lady Dior” handbag, DIOR’s creations are timeless masterpieces that never go out of style.
But DIOR isn’t just about fashion. They’re also pioneers in the world of beauty. Their skincare and makeup collections are formulated with cutting-edge science and luxurious ingredients, helping you achieve a radiant, natural glow. DIOR’s beauty products are tools for self-expression and empowerment, from the iconic Capture Totale serum to the Rouge Dior lipsticks in a rainbow of shades. at Singapura Plaza.




Level 1, Main Atrium