DBS Bank

DBS Bank, the friendly face on your Singapore street corner, is something other than your stuffy old bank. It’s your financial sidekick, always ready to give you a high five (or a helpful tip)! With branches that feel more like cozy cafes than intimidating vaults, DBS welcomes you with a smile and a plan. Armed with fancy techie gadgets, their friendly staff can help you open an account, snag a loan for your dream scooter, or sort out your monthly bills. Are you worried about not having enough time? No problem, DBS Bank at Plaza Singapura has an award-winning Digibank app that lets you do all your banking on the go, like a superhero with a money cape! But DBS isn’t just about you; they’re big fans of helping their neighbors, supporting local businesses, and making Singapore greener.

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+65 1800 111 1111