Babies Bliss

Plaza Singapura got you covered for shopping, but what about your baby bliss? Tucked away is Babies Bliss, your mama-and-baby haven. Are you stressed about getting pregnant or being pregnant? They’ve got calming massages and acupuncture to help you relax and prepare. Baby arrived? Postpartum massages and massage classes for you and your little one are on the menu. And papas, don’t feel left out – they also have prenatal massages for partners. So, from pre-conception to giggles and diapers, Babies Bliss is your one-stop shop for mama and baby wellness. It’s like a spa, a class, and a cute baby shop all rolled into one. So come relax, recharge, and learn, all in a comfy and welcoming space. Your little ones (and you!) will thank you for it.