August Society
  • August Society at Singapura Plaza is a Singapore-based fashion brand specializing in high-quality, sustainable swimwear for women, men, and kids. They offer a wide variety of swimming costumes, bikinis, swim trunks, and sun protection rash guards, all made with eco-friendly materials and designed to flatter all shapes and sizes.
  • Whether you’re looking for the perfect swimsuit for your next beach vacation or want to update your everyday wardrobe, August Society has something for everyone. They also offer a variety of services, including alterations and personal shopping, to help you find the perfect fit and style.
  • Here’s a quick recap of what August Society provides:
    • Sustainable swimwear for women, men, and kids
    • A wide variety of styles and sizes
    • Eco-friendly materials
    • Beach Essentials and wellness products
    • Alterations and personal shopping services

+65 8893 8513

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