Art Friend – Singapore

Art Friend, a prominent art supply store in Singapore, is a haven for artists and creative enthusiasts. Art Friend caters to the diverse needs of both budding artists and seasoned professionals by offering a comprehensive range of art materials, from paints and canvases to brushes and sketchbooks. With multiple outlets across the city-state, it has become a go-to destination for those seeking quality art supplies. The store prides itself on providing an extensive selection of products that spans various artistic disciplines, ensuring that individuals engaged in painting, drawing, crafting, and other creative pursuits find everything they need under one roof. Additionally, Art Friend at Singapura Plaza fosters a vibrant community by organizing workshops, events, and exhibitions, nurturing a supportive environment for artistic expression. Whether you are an emerging artist or an experienced creator, Art Friend is a valuable resource and a hub for inspiration in the dynamic world of visual arts.


+65 6336 1120


Plaza Singapura, B1-10, B1-13